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c. Administrator Functions

K-Approval can be largely divided into administrator and user functions.

Administrator functions are divided into Approval Path Management, Organization Management and Report.

The Approval Path Management menu allows you to set approval paths and apply them by project, and the Organization Management menu allows you to set in-house organizational structure, position, and team member values, and the Report menu allows you to check all the approval histories which are occurred in K-Approval.

When a user uses K-Approval, the organizational information set in the Organization Management menu is applied to the approval path set in the Approval Path Management menu to display and operate the user's approval path.

The information provided for each menu in the Administrator function is as follows :

Approval Path ManagementSet approval paths and apply by project
Organization ManagementSet in-house organizational structure and position, team member values
ReportCheck all the approval histories from K-Approval