b. Installation and Configuration

This section Introduces how to install and configure K-Approval. 


b.1 Installation

K-Approval can be easily installed by using the 'App management' menu on the admin page.

1. Click the “Manage apps” tab on the admin page.

2. Go to [Add-on > Find new apps] menu.

3. Type ’K-Approval’ in the Marketplace search box to search.

4. Click the [Buy now] button on the search result to install the app.

b.2 Configuration

In order to use the K-Approval, simple configuration is required.

1. Click the ‘Issues’ tab.

2. Click 'Custom field', and click the 'Add custom field'.

3. When the pop-up comes out, select 'All' and then select 'Approval-custom-field', and after that click 'Next' button at the bottom of the pop-up.

4. Fill in the 'Name' and 'Description' and click 'Create' button.

5. And go to 'Screens', and click the screen name's 'Configure' button you will use for the K-approval on the right side.

6. Click the Screen name.


7. Add the 'Approval-custom-field' field name you set, and click the 'Add' button.